At River's Edge we embrace the task of training children for life and ministry.  Our Mustard Seeds Ministry learns about Jesus and why He is important.  We lead them  to receive Jesus as their Savior and to be ready to tell others about Him.


Our teens are HiDef.  Once our kids advance from the Children's Ministry, we impact their lives with the Word of God and guide them through each day.  We take a fresh approach on reaching our teenagers through the Word of God.  our aim is to lead teenager into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them learn how to live for Him.


Men are challenged to live lives of integrity and sacrifice for God, family and others.  We equip men to fulfill their God-given calling in life.  We have ministries and events designed for our men to get them involved in our community. We embrace the reality that men are very important in our families, community and church. We believe, "as the men, so goes society."


Women are integral to the life and function of River's Edge. Our women are challenged to live lives of integrity and sacrifice for God, family and others.  We aim to equip women to fulfill their God-given callings in life.  Our ministries and events are designed for our women to be involved in our community and to build lasting relationships with one another.


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