Story Behind REF

2005- In the summer of 2005, nine families began praying about how God was directing them to move forward in ministry to the Lord. From those meetings and prayers, God moved upon their hearts to start a church. During this time the men met every Friday night and began to work on key documents for the church. The Statement of Faith and Constitution and By-Laws were completed and progress on a Policy and Procedures manual began.


2006- The first worship service was held on January 1st, 2006 which began our weekly services that continue to this day. We met in a loft apartment at 400 Admiral Blvd. During the month of January, the name of the church was established and incorporated with the State of Missouri as River’s Edge Christian Fellowship. Our midweek Bible Study started in February the same year on a Wednesday night. We held our Charter Service on June 28th, 2006 at 7:00pm. Our current members who were a part of that initial membership roll are; Sis. Roberta Baynham, the Carey’s (Cornelius, Kelsa, Caziah), the Hawkins (William, Dianne, Trevion, Thurlman, KhaMiah), the Netterville’s (Alicia, Kelsey, Thomas), the Young’s (John, Brenda), the Yeargans Sr. (Travis, Johnetta, Travis Jr.). We installed Travis Yeargans Sr. as our Senior Pastor.


2007- During the Summer of 2007 we moved our church to 8711 Wornall Rd. This was an exciting time for our church, as the facility provided a large amount of space and lots of available resources that were left behind by the previous tenants. Our church experienced its biggest growth during this time as we gained members from the surrounding community.


2010- In January 2010 it was necessary for us to move from the location at 8711 Wornall Rd. We met in the chapel space at River Oaks Nursing Home at 8100 Wornall Rd for 2 months. During this time Dennis Morgan, a great friend of Pastor Travis and of our church, offered us space in his newly acquired building at 5525 Raytown Rd. After prayer and some needed work, we moved into our current space in April 2010.


2014- In the early summer of 2013, Pastor Travis met with a friend and Pastor, Steve Dighton to ask a few questions about associating River’s Edge as a Southern Baptist Church. During the meeting Pastor Steve introduced the idea of our church becoming a part of their Campus Church model. After lots of prayer and meetings we agreed to become a Campus of Lenexa Baptist Church. We renamed our church to River’s Edge Fellowship and became a part of the Lenexa Baptist family.


2016- River’s Edge Fellowship starts this new year returning to it’s original design as an autonomous church. Through prayer and discussion, the leader’s of both LBC and River’s Edge determined that the best way for us to serve God and Kansas City was to transition the relationship of our churches. On January 17, 2016 we were officially commissioned as a church plant of Lenexa Baptist Church. We are excited about the new chapter in our church life and look forward to the wonderful works God will do through us.  In August, we moved into our NEW building located on Blue Ridge Blvd.

2017- River’s Edge Fellowship's theme for this year is Building Together.  We want to invite our surrounding people and guests to our new church home and keep doing the same thing; worshiping and spreading God's word.  We have many events coming up this year!  We continue to look forward to new opportunities and new beginnings this year.